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Top reasons to publish with Publit:

No more templates

Create books of any dimension (up to A4, min. 16 to max 750pp). Color pages wherever you want them. Our interface makes it easy to publish and manage all your works, regardless of format. It’s the quickest and most convenient way of creating new books, or republishing older ones.

Both ebooks and POD

Publit handles it all, whether it’s your eBook catalogue, or your Print-on-Demand works. With our Parallel Publishing system, you can convert, publish, and track the sales of both your eBooks and Print-on-Demand titles side-by-side.

Total feedback

You’ll see where and when your book was sold, and by whom. Compare the sales over time, in different formats, and from different price points. Leverage your data for your business’ growth—imagine building your own customer database and entering the world of direct-to-consumer publishing. The choices are endless.

It’s (Almost) Free!

It doesn’t cost you anything to publish your eBooks with us. POD books cost a small, one-time fee. Our business model is straight-forward: we take a small percentage of every sale you make. We only make money when you make money.


Three typical users:

Happy clients

Happy clients


Bonnier, the largest publishing house in Scandinavia, uses Publit to keep many of their beloved back catalogue titles available. Bonnier even switched over its back catalog publishing services to Publit because ours is the best in the business!

Albert Bonniers förlag


As one of the oldest Nordic publishing houses, Norstedts has built up a reputable and revered catalogue. With help from Publit, Norstedts has made 150 titles, previously no longer in print, available again. Not only a commercial success, it was also hailed as an act of cultural revival.

Norstedts Klassikerserie


Harlequin Scandinavia uses Publit’s Direct Shop to sell eBooks directly on their website. Harlequin Scandinavia alone stands for more than 10% of all eBook sales in Sweden – and it’s all powered by Publit.

Harlequin ebooks

Writers Guild

Publit, in collaboration with the Writers Guild, has set up a backlist publishing house called DejaVu. When the copyrights return to an author, DejaVu assists them in keeping their books available as POD. DejaVu is by far the most successful backlist publisher in Scandinavia, keeping alive numerous titles from many of the region’s most prominent authors.




What’s so good about Publit?

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Publit is currently only available on the swedish market, but we are actively looking into international expansion.

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